Worth Sharing 😊

Don't know who wrote this.. Hats off to the person. Felt like worth sharing.  Man O Man!  When without money,  eats vegetables at home;  When has money,  eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant.    When without money, rides bicycle;  When has money rides the same ‘exercise machine’.   When without money walks to… Continue reading Worth Sharing 😊


Love Story – Suspense Revealed

I hope this brings smile on many faces reading our story. Comment your views 😊


“ Why didn’t you add me to the group yet ? ” , I asked Anirudh .

“ I’ll , why are you in hurry ? ” , he replied .

I was very much curious to see him and the only way was to get added in the watsapp group so that I can see his profile picture . After troubling my friends from that group , they added me finally . But , he had kept some sketch as his display pic and it was not a clear pic . But I saw his name ‘king’ . What is this ? What is his real name ? Without knowing his name and his face , what to do? I was curious to know about him more and more only because of his nature , actions and answers to others . I just wanted to be his friend. He…

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Love Story – The Beginning

Our Love Story 🙂 Written by my Hubby :*


LOVE , the word which carries millions of feelings , expressions and thoughts in it . To live a beautiful life , the very important thing in our life is Love . A mother’s love is above everything in this world . There are others too , from whom we need to be loved as well as to love them, like Father , Sister , Brother , Son , Daughter , Wife, Pets and many more . Today I’m sharing my own story that how I fell in love with an unknown girl Nikita Kashyap who became my life partner after sometime . I just hope that you all will like my journey and story .

“ I will bring her back  ” , I said to my friend .

“ How ? ” , question added .

“ I’ll text her to come back and if needed I’ll talk…

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